Meet our Founder + Editor

I'm Kimberley Furness, a long time content creator for print and digital, a social media trainer for rural business owners and the host of A Friend of Mine podcast.

I live in Bendigo with my husband and our four children.

I started my first business, digital and content agency Write Style Communications, in 2014 as a vehicle to share my extensive knowledge and skills to help other business owners with their marketing and make sense of social media. 

In 2017, I launched OAK Magazine in just six weeks from concept to print.

There are lots of little puzzle pieces as to why I started OAK:

  • A love of print magazines since high school 
  • As a former journalist, I was craving share people's stories once again
  • Inspired by Lisa Messenger's print magazine journey with Collective Hub 
  • Growing frustration with how our stories are treated in the media 
  • Eagerness to learn from other women in business. 

These puzzle pieces came together when I had an opportunity to speak at a women in business event and include something in the gift bag. I took that opportunity to create a magazine that featured women in business.

It really has then been a case of, ‘From little things, big things grow’. OAK started out as a tiny 24 page magazine that covered Victoria and southern NSW and now it is 100+ pages plus a podcast, events and thriving online community, and we share stories from all across Australia.

Courageous conversations

I’m changing how we tell and share stories. These stories centre around regional and rural women who run a business.

These stories are changing the way women view themselves and what’s possible.

You can't be what you don't see.

Women in business are the fastest growing cohort in Australia. You wouldn’t know it though. We are under-represented and missing from the media.

I found the courage to launch a print magazine with only my experience as a 22 year old journalist/sub-editor in an industry that people said was either dead or dying.

I’ve challenged the status quo by tackling the under-representation of women in the media - specifically those running a business in rural Australia.

Visibility is one of the most powerful tools we have to inspire women to pursue their dream and to leap without fear of failure.

Through the stories of OAK, rural women in business can see what they can be, and for me it’s been a journey to understand that I can be me and do business my way that is grounded in community and collaboration. I've come to realise my postcode isn’t a barrier but an opportunity.

Please feel free to reach out on social media or email to celebrate a win or just say hi!


Winner of 2022 Victorian AgriFutures Rural Women's Award - media release

In the media 




March 8 2022 - Bendigo's Kimberley Furness win's AgriFutures Rural Women's Award - Bendigo Advertiser

February 10 2022 - Bendigo magazine editor in the running for AgriFutures Rural Women's Award, Bendigo Advertiser

October 15 2021 - Strathfieldsaye's Kimberley Furness is celebrating rural and regional women, Bendigo Advertiser


March 8 2022 - ABC Country Hour (Interview at 41:17)


15 October 2021 - Host - Rural Women's Day with Laura Hall, Phylli Designs


27 October 2021 - Panel moderator - SBE Australia - Funding your business journey